Thursday, March 30, 2023

Welcome to the City of Riley! 

Check out our Quick Facts and Frequently Asked Questions! 
Animals in City Limits: 
  • City ordinance does allow for a maximum of four dogs, four cats, or a combination the two options, but no more than four animals total.  
  • The City also allows for chickens within city limits, but  not roosters.  Please visit or call Riley City Hall if you are interested in having chickens. 
  • City ordinance states that dogs must always be fenced in or on a leash. 
Building Permits: 
  • The City of Riley does require building permits.
  • Building permits can be found at Riley City Hall or on the Planning and Zoning section of this website. 
City Wide Clean Up:
  • The City of Riley has a city wide clean up each year in April and September. Information will be posted on our website, on our Facebook page, and in the newspaper. 
Community Garden: 
  • The City of Riley has a community garden.  Information is available by calling (785) 410-7938. 
  • There is a dumpster available for cardboard only at the south end of the pool parking lot. 
Flood Safety: 
  • The City of Riley has adopted recent flood plain maps under Ordinance 1010. 
  • Please note that Riley borders Fort Riley Military Base. We do sometimes hear testing, drills, and other activity happening on the base. 
  • Grass cannot be over 12" tall 
  • Property must be kept in good condition
  • No nusiance vehicles
  • See city ordinances for more information
  • The City of Riley has four vendors for propane
    • Residents that own their own tank can buy from any of the vendors
    • Residents that rent their tank must buy propane from the vendor that supplied the tank 
Rental Spaces: 
  • We do have rental spaces available in the City of Riley.  
Riley City Hall 
222 S. Broadway
Riley, KS 66531
(785) 485-2802
Riley Cemetery: 
The Riley Cemetery is located southeast of town on Union Road.  Go East on Kansas Ave., then south on Union.  
Snow Removal: 
  • The city will clear main roads first, then neighborhood streets, and alleys last. We will not remove snow from driveways. 
Television and Internet: 
  • To connect to utilites, residents must fill out a Utiliy Application Form and return it to Riley City Hall and must pay a $75.00 connect fee. 
  • Visit our Public Works page for more information on utilities. 
Volunteer Opportunities: 
Voter Information: 
  • Registration Forms are available at Riley City Hall, and must be returned to Riley County. 
110 Courthouse Plaza 
1st Floor, Rm B118
Manhattan, KS 66502
Other Information: